VCN Business Partner

International Representation – Online Bilingual Services - Warehousing & Distribution


VCN Business Partner

International Representation – Online Bilingual Services - Warehousing & Distribution

VCN Business Partner

Trust & Reliability

Your Strategic Ally

VCN Business Partner aims to be the preferred business partner for international businesses that work with, or target Chilean & South American companies and markets, as well as Chilean and South American businesses that work with, or target English-speaking companies & markets.

VCN provides customized solutions in International Representation, Online Bilingual Services, Warehousing & Distribution. 

VCN’s Business Model helps you achieve your objectives by providing high-quality, low-cost services, tailormade to your specific needs. 

VCN Business Partner, a team of management & legal professionals you can trust, to ‘Get the Job Done’.



International Representation

Engaging VCN’s reliable and trustworthy representation service grants you access to a vast network of leading professionals with profound local expertise and insight (Top Tier Consultants, Auditors, Lawyers, Metallurgical and Chemical Labs, Logistics, Office Space, Warehouses & much more).

VCN aims to become your invaluable ally in forging a path to succeed in unlocking the vast potential of Chilean and South American Markets.

Online Bilingual Services

Online Bilingual Assistant.

Interpretation and support with Spanish phone calls.

Interpretation of meetings, presentations, trainings, etc.

Translation of documents English to Spanish and vice-versa.

Post editing of machine-translation.

Remote Administrative Assistant (Engineer specialist in Enterprise Risk Management; Internal Auditor on ISO Integrated Systems (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001); Lead ICAM Investigador; Development and Review of Safety Protocols, Standards & Procedures in English & Spanish).


Interpretation & Translation

Onsite or Remote Interpretation of Meetings, Presentations, Trainings & Industrial Projects.

EXPERIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS (Underground/Open Pit mines, Noranda Reactor & Pierce Smith Convertors, Acid Plants, Nitric Acid Ammonium Nitrate Plant (PANNA3 Enaex), Crusher plants, Reverse Osmosis plants, Thermal Power Plants, Geotechnical Reviews of Pit Slopes and Leaching Pads, SX-EW and Electrowinning Plants, Blasting processes, Autonomous Trucks, others).

Interpreter and Engineer with extensive experience in Enterprise Risk Management.


Warehousing, Packaging & Distribution

VCN Business Partner, offers you warehousing, packaging and distribution services in Antofagasta & Chile.

We collect your products directly from the bustling ports or airports, ensuring swift and efficient transit to our pre-rented state-of-the-art warehouses, where we offer you top level packaging and distribution to your clients, as per your specific requirements. If your clients are in the second region, your products can be delivered in just a few hours.

At VCN Business Partner, we're more than just a service provider – we're your strategic ally. A high-performance team you can trust to handle your warehousing and distribution needs with professionalism and integrity.


VCN Business Partner

Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Entrepreneurship. 

Honest, fair, and respectful in all aspects of business relationships. 

Respectful of the laws and regulations under which it operates. 

Open and effective communication to avoid ambiguous statements or actions. 

Disclosure of relevant and accurate information to clients. 

Complete confidentiality of client information. 

Fulfillment of commitments and delivery of consistent, high-quality results. 

Professionalism and accountability.


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